Tuesday, July 7, 2009

happy birthday to me

i just got really scared because i think it's safe to say that i am one of the biggest music tapes fans if not like #1 and how often can you mostly confidently say that? 

my birthday was ok. i mean, better than it has been anyway. i'm rereading everything, but only after i finish the NMH book (i'm so sorry!) and i've decided that a drum machine is a great idea because when i'm at school i don't really have access to a drum kit and, although it sounded ok that one time, montserrat supplied dressers and other furniture aren't quite cutting it. 

today someone who is going to be a senior in some high school added me on facebook because they are in the summer program at montserrat now maybe? they added me and leah and kevin illwhateverican'tspellthatshit and i thought that was odd. maybe they thought i was someone involved with the summer program? because i am positive that kevin is involved with that and leah may be? but i am most certainly not, for some crazy reason.  and someone else who is going to be a senior at SHS who i have never interacted with added me today.  maybe like 17 year old girls decided i was really cool suddenly. 

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