Saturday, July 11, 2009


I bought a new skirt today (bought!). And I stole a sweater from Goodwill. My dad made a Good Will Hunting joke. Those Holly Golightly twats at Poor Little Rich Girl were playing the soundtrack to School of Rock. Mostly what pisses me off is they never say hi to anyone. So I went to the Garment District instead and Dollar a Pound was closed so I wept and spent $10 on a beautiful skirt made of jersey and love. The sweater I stole from Goodwill is yellow and mashed potatoes.  

Andrew Bird is ok. There are moments and things in his music that make me want to cry out of joy. Also Bowerbirds is wonderful, but both Bowerbirds and Andrew Bird have bird in their name and sound a little similar, like that same old indie music that sounds like feathers and breath and trees and sweat and the colours brown and olive green and the sound of beads in a wooden box. Which is great, but I've been so GO GO GADGET ELECTRONIC MUSIC lately that I forgot about this stuff and it's weird. And it all sounds the same, but I guess Electronic-y things sort of do, too. 

Ahhhh I forgot to eat anything today ahhhhhhhhhhh shit. 

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