Friday, July 17, 2009

the things in my life (as of about a month ago)

my bathroom sick (oh yuckk)
my picture of a man i've never met/my brother's greatest life achievement 
my detailed diagram of things caused by continental glaciers signed by mr. a himself
my drawing table
my bed

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I bought a new skirt today (bought!). And I stole a sweater from Goodwill. My dad made a Good Will Hunting joke. Those Holly Golightly twats at Poor Little Rich Girl were playing the soundtrack to School of Rock. Mostly what pisses me off is they never say hi to anyone. So I went to the Garment District instead and Dollar a Pound was closed so I wept and spent $10 on a beautiful skirt made of jersey and love. The sweater I stole from Goodwill is yellow and mashed potatoes.  

Andrew Bird is ok. There are moments and things in his music that make me want to cry out of joy. Also Bowerbirds is wonderful, but both Bowerbirds and Andrew Bird have bird in their name and sound a little similar, like that same old indie music that sounds like feathers and breath and trees and sweat and the colours brown and olive green and the sound of beads in a wooden box. Which is great, but I've been so GO GO GADGET ELECTRONIC MUSIC lately that I forgot about this stuff and it's weird. And it all sounds the same, but I guess Electronic-y things sort of do, too. 

Ahhhh I forgot to eat anything today ahhhhhhhhhhh shit. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

you're still on my buddy list

Today I ate:
A lot of the colour red.

I found my Polaroid instant camera so now I can be the most pretentious of the hipsters. Only, the film costs $20 for 10 photos so Kathryn and I will get jobs as soon as we go back to school just to fund this film. And for lots of other reasons too. But mostly the film.

I like taking ugly pictures lately.

i'm afraid this calls for electro shock


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

happy birthday to me

i just got really scared because i think it's safe to say that i am one of the biggest music tapes fans if not like #1 and how often can you mostly confidently say that? 

my birthday was ok. i mean, better than it has been anyway. i'm rereading everything, but only after i finish the NMH book (i'm so sorry!) and i've decided that a drum machine is a great idea because when i'm at school i don't really have access to a drum kit and, although it sounded ok that one time, montserrat supplied dressers and other furniture aren't quite cutting it. 

today someone who is going to be a senior in some high school added me on facebook because they are in the summer program at montserrat now maybe? they added me and leah and kevin illwhateverican'tspellthatshit and i thought that was odd. maybe they thought i was someone involved with the summer program? because i am positive that kevin is involved with that and leah may be? but i am most certainly not, for some crazy reason.  and someone else who is going to be a senior at SHS who i have never interacted with added me today.  maybe like 17 year old girls decided i was really cool suddenly. 

Friday, July 3, 2009

the ketchup's on the table

today i've had to eat:
ginger ale 

i sided against the whole t-shirt thing. i put one on last night and i looked horrible and i think that's why i stopped wearing them in the first place. i'll stick to looking sort of like a stuck up bitch all the time. but don't you forget, i'm fucking nice. 

i stayed up really late working on songs and then deleted everything. not everything. but most of it. i hate music. and art. that fucking cat is still ruining that picture. i don't know how to get rid of it without turning the picture to shit. so i piled a bunch of clothes in front of my drafting table so that i couldn't even work on it if i wanted to. 

also i'm pretty sure my dad is violently throwing chairs around downstairs, and has been for the past hour and a half. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

i've never seen the matrix

today i ate a lot or what a normal person would consider a regular amount
i ate an omelet and english muffin for breakfast then i napped and when i woke up i ate a hamburger role with mayo and a plum. and just now i ate three pancakes.  

i'm sick of all my clothes. i'm sick of looking how i look. i haven't just wore a t-shirt and jeans in over a year. i haven't wore a t-shirt in forever. i'm going to put on a big floppy nirvana t-shirt and a skirt and take that mom

0,000 layers of onion hell 

just so you know

I'm fucking nice. And lovely and so goddamn quaint and don't you fucking forget it.