Thursday, May 28, 2009

this is a poem from your words

Your orders as such begin; 
Only when I dream, but there's no way out 
back in the days when the battles raged. 

The best in men's clothing, 
We resolve to meet.
Strange breed, rangefinder. 

Did I drive you away? 
Just because I don't say anything? 

Everything that keeps me together is falling apart,
Any old chance I get I'm gonna marry you 
What's the use in dying?
I had a dream: 
You are my sweetest downfall. 

There's a place I know where we can go, 
I got pulled out by the tide. 

I want to write something beautiful, 
I'm beginning to see the light. 
I will not give up on you. 
I'd love to be with you. 
That means no, 

In the morning. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I mean

I think I am totally okay with this, I think anyway but now I'm just not really sure what you want from me. Or like what you've ever wanted from me. 

Also yeast infection. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

for some reason

i decided to robotrip
bad idea
worst idea maybe

Sunday, May 10, 2009

i am drunk

sex is  a weird thing to think about. blood is also weird or maybe just thinking is weird or maybe just  beubf being really fucking alome alone is weird. u i ran into lindsey parker tonight and that was weird she kisseed me on the cheek drunk people when you;re nit uite quite dre drunk yet are great

this is hiow i cope (with being alone):
i just pretend this is how it's always been. luke i've lways have this while whole place to myself and never had to share and this is just like my place. and the feeling of being used has always been there.and like erin has always hated everyone. it;s easier that way. to just prtetend there's neem been no change 

i' can;r really see right no at all ad i'm really drinl drunk and you hate me right now

Saturday, May 9, 2009

y'all juice pox

this has been on my(your_) arm 4 years

let's let this be a revolution of a new persuasion. 
or some bullshit like that.
mingle with the stars(thataren'tthere)* 
and rub elbows with the street lights.

(honestly)i don't want your thighs to burn.
and it's 3 in the morning and we're sober as hell
like. as. hell.
and we've got nothing(everything) to lose

we're both in pretty [shitty] places
metaphorically speaking.
but we're both right here (right now)
so let's take our shoes(underwearandpants) off
and bask in the streetlight's glow
and listen to the silence
and go

Thursday, May 7, 2009

a tip

Carrying two synthesizers at once from the sculpture building to 13 Knowlton Street will give you back spasms and scratches all over your forearms. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

i'll pay for you

eyeliner is gross
hmm, but then, so is your mom.
your mom wears that shit.

maybe it's the cave
or maybe it's the canal
my body's awkward

my body awkward
in space is all i have and
and i'm so sorry

we could get along
but i'm too emotional 
and you're really weird

a real post

I am cold and wondering: can the Amish eat chocolate chip Chips Ahoy cookies? Or no? Also I have a stomach ache and I think it's because I ate a bagel. The bagel was onion, if that means anything to you. I am exhausted all the time so I am going to go to bed before 4 am like a baby. I noticed you're online, so I did this. Holy shit it is really cold. Even the love for my new used new used used used used new shirt isn't warming me up. Clearly this shirt was owned by a sailor. Who shopped in the juniors section of Target.

older than new

Sunday, May 3, 2009

shit this shirt kicks ass

shit, this shirt kicks ass
the best thing i ever found.
i feel like flapjack.

nathan hates huiku.
actually i don't think that.
it just fit in there.


i guess two is fine
one for me and one for you
but you're not pregnant

hey i found a shirt
it's dirty but that's ok
because it is free

it feels like Fight Club
Edward Norton sends haiku
that's what i feel like

it's three in the morning

there are still pieces
orange vase on april 4th
3 am. shit faced.


haiku (explained)
this sentence is five.
syllables. and this seven.
again here is five.

red sweatshirts
red sweatshirts are cool
makes me feel like an asshole.
but not a huge one.

guitar hero
that girl scares me tons
the way she yells a lot. shit.
i can't stand that girl.

when did you fuck up?
"when did you fuck up?"
"when i let him touch my leg."
"should have gone to bed."


"when did you fuck up?"
"when i let him touch my leg."
"bitch. that's a mistake."


"when did you fuck up?"
"when i caved and sucked his dick."
"bitch. that's a mistake."

god damn you're a prick.
i feel sick thinking of you.
actually, trees rule.

Weezer pt. 1
My name is Jonas.
I'm carrying the wheel. Thanks
for all you've shown us.

Weezer pt. 2
Pinkerton is great.
But that red album shit sucks.
Go back to Harvard.


Blue album is great.
But that red album shit sucks.
Go back to Harvard.

i got a frappe.
then you drank it and told me:
"bitch. that's a milkshake."

broccoli casserole
broccoli cat rolls
mashed potato pretzel hats
my leg is broken

Saturday, May 2, 2009