Saturday, June 20, 2009


julian koster, orchids, being really nice to you, talking to you, righting, wronging, bottles, singing, drawing, making shitty noise songs, saving up money, finding new glasses because i hate these ones, a bright red sweater with big red buttons, not doing drugs this summer or ever again, drinking, india ink, soft lips, swedish fish, not eating meat, biking, melodica, dresses and tights, being an electrician, rain, having lots of interests for a while, drafting tables, having a comfortable bed, trains, junk drums, reading, sleeping, breathing, davis square, impressing you for some reason, hating you, liking you, composing, decomposing, the lapsing in the cadence of your breath, writing, gardening, circuit bending, table mending, rockit sending, aeroplane lending, old phones, old clothes, old shoes, redyellowblue, you, the goddamn batman, guitar, ukulele, boxes, stacking books, vinyl, keggers, all nigthers, being with friends, being without friends, snooze buttons, having everything in common, we should be friends, junk jazz, sleeping on your floor, complaining about my height, being taller than two people, cooking for you, guys named dan or tom, people in hats, singing saws, bent banjos, rabbits in hats, cigar boxes, stacks of books or dvds or tapes or vinyl or cds, fixing your electronics for a reasonable price or a hug, board games, mind games, matt moro's brothers, matt moro's family, not really matt moro, neatly folded underwear, power tools, welding, cereal

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