Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i am no life nothing have

I found some ink the other day. India ink. It smells really nice but gets all over everything. I forgot how to play guitar badly and am learning how to play it goodly and also not like a ukulele because that doesn't work. I ate drank ate drank a whole little bottle nottle bottle of hot sauce HOT SAUCE earlier and it did nothing but made me sad. I am the spice master. And as such, I must be very good at being sad and pretending to be happy and I am really good at doing those two things these days. My iPod is under the Sims 2 case. And I need to be awake in 6 hours but I can't sleep so how could I possibly be awake in 6 hours. To call Nina. How could I possibly ever be awake when I'm never asleep but never awake. I found a hat today in my brother's stuff my brother had a big head, I don't know if it might have shrunk since he has been in prison, I don't know if drugs give you a big head and maybe being off them makes it go back to regular size. Anyway, my brother had a big head and big heads require big hats so all his hats are really large (actually, that's the size that reads on the tags: really large) so they all look big and floppy and silly on me which is exactly what I have always desired but didn't know it in a hat. Actually I didn't know that I wanted a hat at all but I guess it did. I guess it's one step closer to being a grandfather. I am so moderately tired right now that I could or couldn't sleep. My lips are tingling. I started doing this dancing workout DVD today that I found in my things from school. Things are really looking up, I think. 

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