Sunday, May 10, 2009

i am drunk

sex is  a weird thing to think about. blood is also weird or maybe just thinking is weird or maybe just  beubf being really fucking alome alone is weird. u i ran into lindsey parker tonight and that was weird she kisseed me on the cheek drunk people when you;re nit uite quite dre drunk yet are great

this is hiow i cope (with being alone):
i just pretend this is how it's always been. luke i've lways have this while whole place to myself and never had to share and this is just like my place. and the feeling of being used has always been there.and like erin has always hated everyone. it;s easier that way. to just prtetend there's neem been no change 

i' can;r really see right no at all ad i'm really drinl drunk and you hate me right now

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Kristine. said...

omg being drunk is fucking scary. i'm new to it and just drank the most ever the other night. i think someone like slipped me something because i was tripping and scaring the shit out of people. i'm really afraid that i did something crazy because now the people i with are acting avoidant. but it's fun, right?